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iTero Element digital Scanner (The way of the future)

Here at Kelleher Orthodontics we are pleased to announce that we now offer digital scanning for our patients!  In the following article you can read more about the iTero scanner and how it works.

The iTero digital scanner is the way of the future, this modern technology is changing the  dental field. The digital scanner allows us to avoid the traditional dreaded "ooey-gooey" impressions and allows us to simply scan your teeth in a matter of minutes. The wand (pictured above with the blue tip) is simply placed onto the teeth and several images are taken as the assistant makes their way around the entire mouth. The images that are taken are then stitched together to create a 3D image of your teeth. The 3D image allows us to show you a simulation of what your teeth will look like before and after treatment, allowing us to show you instant results. You no longer have to wonder what your teeth will look like after treatment as you will now be able to visually see the transformation.

The digital scanner allows us to submit your case directly to Invisalign or the lab within a matter of minutes. By choosing Invisalign you can decrease the amount of appointments, decrease the length of your appointment, and avoid breakages of brackets/poking wires. Contact our office today to experience this new innovative technology! (804) 739-2782